Changes to Beta-tester Airdrop & Rewards

To simplify our launch, we’ve decided on some changes for the beta-tester airdrop.


Registration Deposit = 500 Evers


We will set the initial registration deposit for each new Host at 500 Evers, not ~25K(!) as previously contemplated. The network is more valuable if it has more Hosts and we want to avoid the risk that Hosting begins as too expensive for new Hosts to join. The halving logic remains unchanged. (So Hosts will be able to reclaim half their registration deposit as the network grows, its just the network will have to grow by a lot more before the first halving is triggered).


Full Gift Airdropped on Launch


We’re dropping the requirement that you run a Host on launch to be eligible for any part of the airdrop. Instead, we will airdrop the full gift to our beta-hosts on launch. Beta-testers can then decide whether and how many Hosts they choose to run at launch.


Earning Host Rewards Will Become Harder


During testing of our nomad contract we found many Hosts were insufficiently unreliable. While it is possible to run Evernode on laptops we don’t want to encourage it – machines that are regularly down, turned off, or at new IP addresses make poor Hosts. Inactive machines (failed to send a heartbeat) will be ineligible for rewards from the Hook for 24 hours for each hour they have remained inactive, and the clock will reset if they become inactive again during this “qualification period”.


There’s still no trustline. Further details for claiming the airdrop will be announced shortly, as soon as XUMM implements support for users to clone their XRPL Accounts on Xahau.