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XRP Ledger Developers

An independent Discord community for all things related to the XRP Ledger, including Evernode.

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Evernode Community Discord

An independent Discord community dedicated to Evernode hosts, developers, and projects.

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Geveo Evernode Hackathon

A 4-day dApp-building hackathon hosted by experts in Evernode’s code-base. Remote participants welcomed!


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Bounty Projects

Meet Up

An evergreen bounty for anyone who organises a “meet up” of Evernode enthusiasts and shares their insights and photos on social media.

Details... Bounty TBD

An evergreen bounty for anyone who organises an Evernode hackathon. We’ll support you with access to experts and an Evers prize pool.

Details... Bounty TBD
EVM Contract

Are you a solidity Dev? We developed a “working toy” of an EVM Contract. We’d love someone with more solidity knowledge to make it production ready.

Details... Bounty TBD
xApp for Hosts

Develop an xApp for Hosts to manage all the functions of their Evernode Host – issuing leases, setting fees, governance votes – and integrate it with XUMM.

Details... Bounty TBD
Network Dashboard

Launch a better, fully-functional dashboard for the Evernode network that lets people fully explore registered Hosts, deployed contracts and governance proposals.

Details... Bounty TBD
Host Audit Site

Launch a website that uses the Host Audit Tool to track and rate the reliability of Hosts so Contracts can better select reliable Hosts for their instances.

Details... Bounty TBD

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Here are some of the things for which we are looking to award bounties:

1. Meet Ups

We may provide small grants of Evers for hosting and publicising community meet-ups to expand awareness and understanding of Evernode. Maybe even some swag…

2. Hackathons

We may provide grants of Evers to reward organisers of hackathons so developers can get hand’s on experience with Evernode. We can help organise experience devs to assist and provide Evers grants as prizes. Maybe even some swag…

3. dApps

Are you developing on Evernode? Maybe having some Evers would help cover some of the costs of deploying or testing your dApp on the live network? That is something we might pay a bounty for. Let us know what you’re building.

4. Host Tools

There’s many tools Hosts might need to improve their experience of running a Host on Evernode. If you have ideas, let’s here them. They might be something the community values so much that we would launch a bounty.

5. Developer Tools

Evernode’s developer ecosystem is young and fresh. There’s lots of tools, libraries, and standards to be implemented as people discover what works and what doesn’t. We’ll be generous with bounties for these developer goodies.

6. Ecosystem Websites & Services

The Evernode ecosystem can benefit from many other services. A better version of our network dashboard? A curated list of reliable Hosts? A community discord? The possibilities are endless and we are willing to support these kinds of things with bounties.


Custodian of the Evernode IP

The Evernode Network is an initiative of Evernode Labs Pty Ltd. It is the custodian of the Evernode IP generated inside the Australian National University through UBRI-funded research and with the help of XRPL Grants. Evernode Labs makes the Evernode IP available to the world for bona-fide purposes associated with the Evernode Network through a mixture of free open-source (Hooks) and free closed-source (HotPocket/Sashimono) licensing arrangements. Eventually, all software will be audited and, when appropriate, open-sourced.


Registered Office

Evernode Labs Pty Ltd  | ACN 645 920 690

C/- MGI Joyce | Dickson Accountants,

Unit 1, 65 Canberra Avenue




Contact Evernode

Reach Us Here

Email : hello at evernode dot org





Community FAQs

I’m not a Developer or a Host. How do I become involved in Evernode?

Evernode isn’t looking for “influencers” or twitter shills. It needs Hosts and it needs Devs. If you’re neither of these, but want to support the ecosystem, suggest a bounty that suits your skills and interests. Maybe it will be picked up. Some examples would include organising a meet up or hackathon, or launching a community discord.