The Internet of dApps

A global permission-less, decentralised layer 2 for ultra-flexible, ultra powerful dApps.

Group 1275
Powerfull dAPPS

Evernode dApps can be written in almost any language, deployed at almost any scale, read and write to disk and web, fetch off-chain data, perform complex computations, and generally perform like a normal App, but in a decentralised way. It is a new vision for ultra-flexible, ultra-powerful dApps.

Group 1274
Membership NFTs

To join Evernode, Hosts buy a Membership NFT from the Evernode Registry Hook. The NFTs identify the Host, confirms its network membership, and represent its free licence to run the Evernode software. Membership NFTs can be redeemed at any time for 50% of the unrebated registration fee.

Group 1273
Hosting NFTs

Hosts mint Hosting NFTs that represent an exclusive lease of a hosting Slot in exchange for hourly hosting fees in Evers. Hosting NFTs trade on the Xahau Network. The purchase price represents the first hour of hosting. Hosts can redeem them at any time to control to whom they supply hosting services.

Group 1268
Global, Permissionless

Anybody, anywhere can download the Evernode software, join the network, and offer dApp hosting services to anybody, anywhere via the Xahau Network.

Group 1269

An automated account (or Hook) on the Xahau Network maintains the canonical registry of Evernode hosts. Thus, the Xahau Network, rather than a single entity, controls all Evernode registrations.

Group 1270
Hosting Network

Evernode is a “network of networks”. Each dApp is a mini-blockchain (or “AppChain”) comprised of the Hosts on which it runs with a consensus engine to maintain a canonical state across all instances.