• Name: Evers
  • Ticker: EVRS
  • Maximum Supply: 72,253,440
  • Issuing Chain: Xahau Network
  • Issuing Network ID: 21337
  • Issuing Address:
A new token

Evers: Evernode’s New Digital Currency


Easy to buy, store, and use

Holding Evers

Evers will be issued on the Xahau Network. Any Xahau-compatible wallet will hold Evers.

We recommend the XUMM Wallet.

Using Evers

All services on Evernode will be priced and paid for in Evers. Hosts will need Evers to pay for network registration. Tenants (dApps) will need Evers to pay for hosting.

Evers will be useful at launch
Buying Evers

At launch, Evers will trade on the Xahau Network’s native DEX. Other exchanges may subsequently choose to list Evers, but we don’t need them and won’t chase them.

Evers trade on the Xahau DEX.

Fixed Supply. Fair Distribution.

Evers Supply

72,253,440 Evers will be issued from a to-be-blackholed Xahau Network Address. No Evers have yet been issued, but the issuing address will be rEvernodee8dJLaFsujS6q1EiXvZYmHXr8

Evers maximum supply will be fixed
Evers Airdrops

20,643,840 Evers will be airdropped to create initial supply.

– Founders 5,160,960 Evers
– Evernode 5,160,960 Evers
– Betatesters 5,160,960 Evers
– XRP Holders 5,160,960 Evers

Issuing Address: rEvernodee8dJLaFsujS6q1EiXvZYmHXr8
Evers Rewards

The remaining 51,609,600 Evers will be held inside the Evernode Registry Hook and distributed programmatically as rewards to Hosts in 10 Epochs of 5,160,960 Evers over 118 years.

Hosts will earn most of the Evers

To create initial supply for Evers

We will gift 2 Epochs worth of Evers to two groups in Evernode’s ecosystem.


Gift Pool: 5,160,960 Evers

Eligibility: Beta-hosts, plus others whose help has made a difference during the beta-testing.

Gift Mechanism: Air-dropped to nominated Xahau account on launch.

Details: See Our Post

Gift Pool: 5,160,960 Evers

Eligibility: Held up to 50K XRP on XRPL at Snapshot & created matching r-address on Xahau with Evers trustline set.

Gift Mechanism: Evers airdropped into Xahau Account, based upon XRP held in matching XRPL Account on the Snapshot date of 1 September 2023 at 6pm AEST.

Details: See Our Post

Evers FAQs

Where can I buy Evers?

You can’t, not yet. Evers don’t exist yet and won’t exist until after Evernode launches. On launch, Evers will trade on the Xahau DEX. We’re not aware of any exchanges that will support Evers.