Evernode Set For Launch

We are delighted to confirm that Evernode is all set for launch on 15 January at 6pm AEDT. And with 40,780 accounts activated on Xahau, it seems most, if not all, of our 38,478 registered airdrop claimants are ready, too.


What We Have Done

We have now:

  • Installed the Governance Hook, Heartbeat Hook, Registry Hook, and Airdrop.
  • Issued 72,253,440 Evers from the issuing account (rEvernodee8dJLaFsujS6q1EiXvZYmHXr8).
  • Deposited 20,643 840 Evers into the Airdrop Hook.
  • Deposited the remaining 51,609, 600 Evers into the Heartbeat Hook that distributes network rewards to Hosts.
  • Updated all code repos (although the download of the launch version of the Evernode software will not be live until launch).
  • Reset the network dashboard, ready for launch.


Everything Activates 15 January at 6pm AEDT

All Hooks have been programmed to go live at launch at 6pm AEDT on 15 January 2024. Please don’t try “poking” them before then.


Changes to XRP Holder Airdrop Allocations

The airdrop to XRP holders and Betatesters totals 10,321,920 Evers comprised as follows:

  • Betatesters & Devs: 4,150,000
  • Uphold Clients: 3,889,324.58
  • Bitrue Clients: 370,611.86
  • Individual Claimants: 901,023.56
  • Per XRPL Account Bonus: 1,010,960


The Per XRPL Account Bonus is an additional allocation we decided to gift to all individual account holders who imported their r-address onto Xahau and registered for the airdrop. It equals an additional ~26.27 Evers per registered account, regardless of their allocation based on XRP held. It is just a small “thank you” for having made the journey with us over to Xahau. We know it wasn’t the simplest airdrop procedure in history (but it definitely weeded out the airdrop farmers…)


Claiming Your Airdrop

Anytime after 6pm AEDT on 15 January, go to collect.evernode.org and sign in with Xumm/Xaman. This will trigger the Airdrop Hook to release your allocation to your r-address. We will shortly publish an alternative process for those who have a claim ticket but not a Xumm/Xaman wallet.


The Future – Hosts & Devs

With launch and airdrops done, the future for Evernode becomes all about Hosts and Devs.

  • Becoming a Host: To become a Host and earn network rewards, you can start that journey here. You will need 500 Evers to register as a Host. Evers can be purchased from the Xahau DEX and (very very soon after launch) from Bitrue. We have no timeframe on when (or whether) Uphold will support Evers.
  • Developing on Evernode: Evernode offers a hyper-flexible, hyper-scalable environment for developing and deploying smart contracts. Developers can start their Evernode journey here.