The 4 things you’ll need to be a host

Group 9636
Xahau Network Wallet

An Xahau-compatible Wallet (like XUMM) for your Xahau keys so you can access your Evers, Xahau XRP and NFTs. You must have at least enough Evers to pay for your Registration.

Group 9638
Real or Virtual Linux Machine

Mandtory OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (64bit)

RAM: 2GB minimum

Swap: 2GB minimum

Disk space: 4GB minimum free disk space for home

Group 9640
Internet & IP Address

You can’t be a good host without excellent connectivity, a public internet address, and an SSL certificate. The Evernode Registry Hook auto-deregisters chronically unreliable machines.

Group 9642
Some Technical Savvy

You need enough technical skill to run a reliable host and comply with local hosting laws, like copyright take-down requests.


Reliable Hosts earn Evers for being part of the network

The rewards schedule favours early adopters, since each new Host is more valuable to the network when it is young and small.

Host Rewards Emission Schedule

51,609,600 Evers are awarded to Hosts in 10 Epochs of 5,160,960 Evers each. Rewards are paid roughly every hour, and shared equally between all eligible Hosts. Each Epoch, the hourly rewards halve and the duration of the Epoch doubles. On this schedule it will take roughly 118.04 years to distribute all 51,609,600 Evers to Hosts.

1st Epoch

5,160,960 Evers @ 5120 Evers/hr

for estimated 6 Weeks

2nd Epoch

5,160,960 Evers @ 2560 Evers/hr

for estimated 12 Weeks

3rd Epoch

5,160,960 Evers @ 1280 Evers/hr

for estimated 24 Weeks

10th Epoch

5,160,960 Evers @ 10 Evers/hr

for estimated 3072 Weeks


Totals 51,609,600 Evers distributed to Hosts over estimated 118.04 years


How Registration & Rewards Work

1. Registration

When a Host joins Evernode, it deposits Evers with the Hook in return for a Registration NFT that stores their membership details and confirms their free licence to run the Evernode software.

Deposit Evers to join network
2. Registration Deposit

On launch, the registration deposit will be 500 Evers. 5 Evers are paid to Evernode Labs. The Hook rebates the remaining Evers to Hosts as the network grows.

Registration deposit is like staking
3. Deposit Rebate

The Regstration Deposit halves whenever the Evers on deposit exceeds 50% of all issued Evers. Existing Hosts can then request the Hook to rebate their excess deposit.

Deposit rebated as network grows
4. Eligible Hosts

Hosts are eligible for rewards if they:

1. Hold Registration NFT.

2. Send an hourly “Heartbeat” message and reward request to the Hook.

3. Have not been flagged as unreliable.

Must meet all tests each hour
5. Voluntary Deregistration

A Host can return its Registration NFT to the Hook in return for 50% of the outstanding Registration Deposit. The Hook adds the other 50% to the Epoch’s rewards pool. The 50% “tax” deters bad Hosts.

There’s a penalty for deregistering
6. Auto-Deregistration

The Hook can be poked to deregister any Host that has failed to earn rewards for 10 consecutive days. The Hook burns the Host’s Registration NFT, rebating 50% of the Evers, and adding the other 50% to the Epoch’s rewards.

The Hook deregisters bad actors

Hosts earn Evers by leasing hosting Slots to dApps.

The Evernode Hosting Software divides your machine into equal-sized hosting “Slots”. You mint Lease NFTs for each Slot, specifying the hourly rent in Evers and offer them for sale on the Xahau Network. The Evernode Software handles this for you.

The Lease NFT represents a “best-endeavours” promise to provide exclusive use of that Slot for so long as the hourly rent is paid. At anytime, a Host can revoke a Lease NFT and cancel a Tenant’s instance. This right is necessary because Hosts have no relationship with the Tenant, but may have legal obligations to meet, like copyright takedown requests.

Group 9698

Hosts FAQs

Who can be a Host?

Anyone who wants to run a linux machine, download the Evernode hosting software, and pay the registration deposit in Evers.