XRP Holders Airdrop Update

We completed our snap shot on 1 September 2023 at exactly 6pm AEST.

If you held your XRP in an account you control, or on Bitrue or Uphold, you were included in the snap shot.


How Can I Check?

You can check what XRP balance was captured for your account by going here bithomp.com/explorer/. Type in your r-address, then use the “Time Machine” to find its XRP balance at 08:00.00 UTC.

Moving your XRP now will have no effect on your Evers entitlement.


Why Are There No Evers in My Account?

Because Evers won’t exist until the Xahau sidechain exists. Once Xahau exists we can make Evers exist and then give you the details for claiming the airdrop, based upon your XRP balance on the XRPL as captured by the snapshot. Until then, you need do nothing. Absolutely nothing. That way, your XRP will stay safe from scammers.


Is It Too Late?

If you held your XRP in a custodial account (on an exchange other than Bitrue or Uphold, or some other custodial solution) then it is too late to participate in our airdrop. If you held your XRP in a wallet that let you control the keys to your very own XRPL account (most self-custody wallets fit this description) then your account will have been captured in the snapshot and you remain eligible.


What Should I Be Doing Now?
 Nothing. Absolutely nothing until after Xahau launches...