XRP Holder Airdrop Process


We originally proposed our airdrop when we assumed we’d be launching on the XRPL. But the XRPL wasn’t going to support Hooks in time. Now that we are launching on Xahau, our airdrop is more complicated. We are gifting tokens on one chain based upon your holdings on another chain. We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible, but there is an irreducible level of complexity. One layer of this complexity is our reliance on the Xumm wallet as the only wallet that we are certain will support all the functionality necessary to claim the airdrop.



We will use an Airdrop Hook to airdrop a total of 5,160,960 Evers to r-addresses on Xahau in proportion to the share of qualifying XRP held in each matching r-address on XRPL on 1 September 2023. This is how the process will work.


The Detailed Steps
  1. Before 11 December 2023 – Register Your Public XRPL r-address: Go to this page on our website https://claim.evernode.org/ and register your XRPL r-address. This will let us know you’re participating and allow us to cross-reference the snapshot to determine how much qualifying XRP that r-address held at the snapshot date. Why? We are airdropping a fixed number of Evers shared between an unknown number of accounts holding an unknown number of XRP. We need to know how who will participate in the airdrop and how many qualifying XRP those participants held in their XRPL Account on the snapshot date to be able to calculate the number of Evers each participant must receive per qualifying XRP held.
  2. Registration closes 6.00PM Monday 11 December AEDT: Registration for the airdrop closes Monday 11 December, 1 week before the scheduled launch date. Why? Because we need time before launch to collate all the addresses, tally all the balances, calculate the Evers/Qualifying XRP Held, and then to program and test the Airdrop Hook. For a limited time after registration closes you will still be able to reclaim your registration ticket if you lose it.
  3. Between 11 December and Launch: Participants need to import their r-address onto Xahau and set a trustline for the Evers issuing address. (rEvernodee8dJLaFsujS6q1EiXvZYmHXr8). The tool for this is still be finalised by Xumm/XRPL Services and will be released shortly.
  4. 18 December – Targeted Launch Date: We plan to launch on 18 December. On launch, we will deposit the 5,160,960 Evers into the Airdrop Hook. The address of the Hook will be known and published at that time. The Hook will perform like an individual safe deposit box containing each participant’s gifted Evers. The Evers cease to be ours and become owned by each participant who has the exclusive capacity to access the Evers the Hook holds for them. Each participant will need to seek their own tax advice. We believe in most jurisdictions this mechanism means the Evers become yours (because they cease to be ours) once they are deposited into the Hook.
  5. After Launch: Anytime thereafter, you can send a claim transaction to the Airdrop Hook from your registered r-address on Xahau. If you have registered for the airdrop, set a trustline on Xahau for Evers, and your XRPL mainnet account held qualifying XRP on 1 September the Hook will send the Evers (if any) to your r-address. Again, the tool for this is still be finalised by Xumm/XRPL Services and will be released shortly.



This process does not apply to customers of our two participating exchanges, Bitrue and Uphold. We will be calculating and sending their customers Evers via a separate process on launch date. Those exchanges will then distribute the Evers to their customers’ accounts.


XUMM Wallet

Our airdrop process assumes you are using the XUMM Wallet. This is because XUMM is the only wallet that will support all the functions necessary to register for the airdrop, import your XRPL address to Xahau and then claim the airdrop. Other wallets, like Ledger, can be made to support registration, but the process of importing your account to Xahau will not be easy. Community tools may arise allowing for such functionality, but we don’t have the resources to develop them nor support users not using XUMM. We recommend users of other wallets use the SetRegularKey function to allow their account to be imported into Xumm without revealing the private masterkeys.


Multiple Accounts

If you have multiple XRPL accounts you must submit a separate registration for each account.


Legal Disclaimer

The airdrop is a gift. We do not represent or warrant that you will receive any particular number of Evers, or any Evers at all, even if all the above steps are followed. For various reasons, including a malfunction in the Airdrop Hook or the Xahau Network, the airdrop may proceed in a different form, a different amount, or not at all. If for any reason the Airdrop Hook fails, the Evers inside the Hook will become unrecoverable and will not be replaced or refunded. Whatever Evers (if any) you receive are final.