Evernode Bounty

Network Dashboard


This bounty is available for up to three projects that, in our absolute discretion, meet our criteria. It can only be claimed once for the same Network Dashboard.



Can you build a better, more comprehensive dashboard for the Evernode Network than our basic V3beta dashboard?



We are willing to award up to three separate bounties for competing dashboards that:

  • Provide a comprehensive overview of the Evernode Network.
  • Such a dashboard would include all useful publicly available details about the state of the Evernode Network, including details on Hosts, Slots, Tenants (contracts), governance proposals in a website that is easy to use and pleasantly presented.
  • We’re reasonably confident the bounty is being claimed by the key person/people involved in programming the Dashboard.



We may pay a bounty in Evers to the Xahau account nominated by the claimant. The Bounty may have tax consequences for the claimant. These are solely the responsibility of the claimant and we make no representations or warranties about the bounty being tax free or otherwise exempt from tax in the claimant’s jurisdiction. If you are Australian and registered for GST we will provide a complying Tax Invoice for the Bounty upon request.



All Bounties are awarded in Evers. We make no representations about Evers having any particular value, or any value at all. Regardless of their market value, they will always be useful for purchasing services from the Evernode Network.


Our bounty program is a discretionary. We may, in our absolute discretion, decide not to award a bounty or to award a lesser or higher amount than publicised. In particular:

  • We may award a higher bounty if the claimant’s submission is particularly impressive;
  • We may award a lesser bounty if the claimant’s submission is worthy, but only just;
  • We may decline to award a bounty if we suspect fraud or disingenuousness, or if we are unsatisfied that we are paying the bounty to the worthy claimant, or if for any reason (such as international sanctions) we are unable to pay Evers to the claimant.