Evernode Launch Date

The Xahau Network announced its successful launch today! And now that Xahau exists, with the Hooks functionality enabled, Evernode can exist.


We’re targeting launch on 27 November 2023!

Of course, this date may change. There’s still a lot to organise before this date, including the audit of our Hooks and the mechanics for our airdrops. But we’re confident of being able to launch on the 27th of November


Airdrop Details Soon

We’ll have more details for the steps for claiming our airdrops soon. We’re keen to announce these as soon as possible. Mostly, we are waiting for XUMM to add support for users to clone their XRPL Accounts on Xahau, which is a necessary feature for the logic of our airdrops. We’ll also be releasing our sample nomad contract, which has been a major focus for the dev team over the last several months


After 5 long years, we’re oh, so close…