Evernode Launch Update

Here’s our latest update to bring everyone up to speed on Evernode’s launch.


We’re now targeting launch on 18 December 2023

XUMM has been unexpectedly delayed in supporting the cloning of XRPL Accounts on Xahau. We can’t finalise our airdrop until this happens. We believe this will be ready by 18 December, but it is obviously beyond our control and may still change.


Successful Audit

On the positive side, we have completed the successful audit of our 3 Hooks, so a major milestone towards being ready for launch has been completed.


Evers Issuing Address

We have created the Xahau Address for issuing Evers. It is:



It’s an easy to spot vanity address. Confirm you have the right r-address before trying to set any trustlines and don’t trust anyone who gives you a different address.


Airdrop Details Incoming

On November 27th, we’ll begin the formal process of preparing for the airdrop. We’ll share our tool for registering safely for the airdrop so we can calculate the ratio of Evers/XRP Held to be airdropped. Look for our update on the 27th and do nothing until then.


After 5 long years, we’re oh, so so close…