Betatesters’ Airdrop

Betatesters’ Airdrop Eligibility Closed 1 September 2023

There were 166 Hosts on our betanet as at 1 September 2023, some who’ve been with us since V1(!). In fairness to their efforts, we’ve closed eligibility for the betatesters’ airdrop now to guard against a late flood. So no new after 1 September Hosts will be factored into the airdrop.


5,160,960 Evers

We plan to airdrop 5,160,960 Evers to our betatesters.  The major component will be prepayment of the Registration Deposit (est. at around 25k Evers based on present numbers) on the Registration NFT for your Host at launch. Further, since the beta ran so much longer than expected, we’ll also straight out gift some Evers, but weighted in favour of pre-V3 Hosts since before V3, beefier hosts, and some gifts to some devs and others whose help and efforts have been invaluable.


More Details Soon

We’ll have more to share soon. We just need to take more time to explain it in a way that generates less questions.


Thank you to all who contributed to the betanet. You’ve been invaluable. If you have questions, drop them in the “host-general” thread on the community discord.